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Dr Birju Patel
Consultant Dental Surgeon with Special Interest Laser Dentistry

Dr. Birju Patel is a dedicated general dentist, graduated from India. 20 years of experience having worked at various practices in Nairobi including: The M.P.Shah Hospital, CBD dental services, S.G.R.R. Medical Centre, The Smile Specialist, Smilexellence. He is devoted in patient education about advances in dentistry as well as importance of good oral hygiene and provides gentle, painfree high quality services.He is also experienced in family dentistry working for all ages from children to the elderly.

Dr Amish Doshi
Consultant Dental Surgeon With Special Interest Implant Dentistry

Graduated from University of Nairobi. Has 18 years experience in Dentistry. Has had advanced training in Implant Dentistry and Orthodontics. Attended many Courses and Conferences in Dental IMplants and Orthodontics. Devoted to excellence in patients dental care including patients dentistry in all age groups

Dr Minesh Shah
Consultant Dental Surgeon With Special Interest Orthodontics

Dr Parul Patel
Consultant Dental Surgeon